Thursday, August 9

Hyuna's version of Gangnam Style: Sequel version of Psy's song in woman's perspective

Don’t have a heart attack but Psy has revealed he will be releasing a follow-up song and music video toGangnam Style!

YG Entertainment broke the news on August 8 that a “sequel” song to Gangnam Style will be released using the same melody but different lyrics. 

The track and music video was already planned, recorded and filmed even before Gangnam Style became the current global viral hit, and though they were supposed to be released this month, the track is likely be released in mid-September.
The sequel song will be sung from the woman’s point of view and will change some of the lyrics accordingly such as the “oppa is Gangnam style” to “oppa you’re my style.” 

The new song and music video will not feature Yoo Jae Suk and Noh Hong Chul but will feature 4Minute’s Hyuna. 

Gangnam Style’s music video recently surpassed the 19 million view mark on YouTube.
Click the link to watch Psy's version of Gangnam Style.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment
Source: Enewsworld

Credits to : kawaii04.tumblr.com

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